Grandchildren do have …

Some of the weirdest conversations!

Was with Danny yesterday for a couple of hours and he straight off started talking about death and that everyone dies eventually and their heart stops and that’s that .. all promoted by the loss of our cat Molly recently. We were going to go to the park but so determined to talk about death was he we detoured to Northampton Crematorium instead.

2015-06-06 10.54.05

We went around all the little plaques and he was quite fascinated. I explained to him that here they didn’t bury dead people but burnt their body instead then handed the small container of ashes to their relatives and how some people choose to use them afterwards.

It was all very matter of fact and he clearly enjoyed the conversation. He was most disappointed that the crematorium itself was shut.

There was nothing bad from the experience and it appeared that several grieving people were cheered up to see him there.

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