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We arrived in Donnington Around 10am or so, perhaps a little earlier. Gates opened late meaning we only just had time to head over to the Zippo stage to see our first act the ‘Lounge Kittens’

I didn’t record this video but it is them at the festival, the next one is the last set they did which was extra special awesome

I know I’m going to get this next lot in the wrong order but, most significant next lot are Hollywood Undead who I thought I’d never get to see as they are from the US.



We had a great view

They were excellent and it was so good to know each and every song they performed. It was also unexpected to see them without their masks.headerphoto


So, we also had Rise Against and A Day to Remember, Rise Against I think were first and, somewhere in there were Mallory Knox

I thought the beard was a little suspect, looked like a fake one which I know it wasn’t which somehow made it worse.

The sound system was terrible for Rise Against, couldn’t hear much of the vocals at all.

A Day to Remember we watched from a long way off, just couldn’t be arsed to get close.

2015-06-13 17.47.59

Over at the Zippo Stage was Black Veil Brides who I had listened to for a while and liked. The lead singer just doesn’t seem to fit with the image I’d had of him.

Very entertaining though

After them the mad dash over to ‘Muse’ and, I thought they were amazing on their studio tracks but it’s nothing like as totally awesome they are live, wow! I think they are on tour again next year and I intend going!

The above video is actually mine. Matt did some much better, indeed, totally awesome video but I am not putting that here, perhaps he might youtube them or something!

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Fair to say it was a little muddy on the day but that just added to the fun, the weather was, to say the least ‘damp’ though it dried up around 7-8pm and we managed to warm up a little.2015-06-13 15.11.22 Getting out of the arena was a challenge but nothing compared to getting out the car park. It was about 1:40 from Muse ending to us escaping Donnington!

On the whole it was an absolutely awesome first festival experience. Sure, there were negative, these being, the total arsewipes who thought it was OK to smoke dope wherever and whenever they wanted to … I had a dope hangover this morning thanks to them! Then there were the mosh pits which, let’s face it are just crazy stupid and I am probably just an old fart who doesn’t think the prospect of spending the night in A&E seems that appealing. The organisers were not exactly organised either and that’s understating it!

But look, negatives aside, it was great, I’d probably do it again if the right bands were on.

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