Just when I start to chill out …

Some arse starts smoking weed just outside my house, I detest stoners!

Anyway, as I was going to say … the past few weeks have been stupidly stressful. Our Zoey, bless her, has become very difficult to manage. We’ve been able to work out it is a behaviour thing, not an illness or anything which can be easily treated. She has become increasingly and dangerously stubborn.

Now, I don’t much mind if she wants to laze around all day, she’s never going to have a job, she’s got no real responsibilities and so on which means, she’s a little like someone that retired. That’s not the issue, she’s got it in her head now that eating and personal hygiene are optional and, more often than not, she does neither. She is borderline underweight now, just a couple of pounds in it.


Today we had a huge kick off because I tried to force the issue on her getting clean. I got kicked and slapped and she tried to bite me at one point. She’d gone three days without anything close to a wash and was smelling awful, I’d go as far to say disgusting. Eventually Daisy was able to take over and force the issue better than me and get her clean. Doing so she discovered Zoey had obviously come on some time ago and hadn’t used any sanitary products.

Someone is having to sit with her for up to two hours to ensure she eats at all.

For weeks she’s been ignorant and rude to everyone, no one is spared. She’s happy enough to talk about trivia that doesn’t matter but, try and get her to do something essential to her well being and she plays dumb and she is playing at it.

She wasn’t any better when she stayed with her mum and certainly no better when she stayed with Matt & Anne.

Right now it’s almost midnight. It’s a hot night so doors are being left open and Zoey is throwing a tantrum because she’s been asked not to watch any more movies in her room tonight.

I had to take a break from writing this as things escalated.

Zoey started to get very violent and attacked Daisy so I had to restrain her, it wasn’t at all pleasant.

Am at a loss to know what to do. It was obvious Zoey was going out of her way to wake the boys, she failed thankfully. Seeing how unpredictable she is at the moment the boys have been taken into Sean & Daisy’s room with them for this night for their safety.

It’s like Jermaine all over again and even all these years later, I don’t believe we’ve recovered to the point we can handle all that again.

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