Zoey Update 9th September

I am going to compress this as much as I can.

Over the last few days I have been pestering rather a lot of people to get off their fence and do something for Zoey. I’ve had Health, Social Service and Mental Health all stepping backward trying not to step up and take control. As a consequence of that, Zoey has received only observational care. No way am I knocking what has been done for her on the ward but their hands have been tied. Without any legal back up all they could do was observe and watch Zoey get steadily worse.

I kind of blew a mini gasket earlier and insisted that I’d not allow matters to go one more day. If they didn’t do something today I would be raising at the very least, a complaint of neglect of duty.

After nearly an entire day of waiting around with Matt we finally got the decision that Zoey was sectioned under section 2. That means they can now do what they need to do in Zoey’s best interests.

By the time we left they were querying whether or not Zoey might be suffering some sort of organ damage/failure. They had managed to get a cannula in and were pumping her with vitamins and fluids.

The issue is, once her physical health is looking better they want to transfer her to a mental health ward and, as things stand, there are none in the county so they’re looking where in another county she might go. Our argument is, why not leave her just where she is and use the mental health resources they are already planning to put in temporarily as the best practise way of getting her better rather than move her many miles away from family. They agree it makes sense but then argue that they’ve not done that before and don’t think they can do it … find me a wall, I’ll keep hitting my head on it!

Daisy was a great help yesterday getting Zoey to partially attack a McDonalds meal, Matt was great today with a meal for Zoey and he also had a lot of help from Dennis, yes, already from the other side of the planet Dennis is helping out trying to get Zoey better. Isn’t Skype a wonderful thing! Anne & Sean have also played a significant and important role. As a family we’ve all stuck together and it was lovely to have that acknowledged up the hospital today, very nice indeed.

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