A Cold

Not ‘Man Flu’ or any type of flu, just a cold but, all the same, rather annoying and unpleasant.

I was woken up the other night with a nose bleed, hey, don’t jest, Attila the Hun had a nose bleed in his sleep and it killed him!

Right now I am amazed at the production rate of unpleasant gunk in my head tubes, I am already on handkerchief number 3 of the day and it’s not 11am yet.

My eyes, wow, stinging much!

Aching? Yes, I’d say that’s sums up most of my body.

Headache, yep, medication not touching that.

Mega tired. I am out this evening so, need to get some more sleep.

Appetite disappeared somewhere, not up for eating just yet.

My farts really stink, it’s embarrassing!

I am hot, and cold, and hot again.

Can’t really hear much or smell and seeing is a little vague.

So, like I said, a cold. Unpleasant, annoying but I am not dying, life goes on and in a few days it will be gone.

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