Zoey October 4th

Me and Matt went up to see her.

She’s still not talking. If she gets really angry she will no doubt say something but it’s obvious that in everyday interaction she is forcing herself not to talk.

In every other way she is interacting. Body language and expression are there and she cannot hold on to her laughs.

She’s reluctantly having her injections for the infection.

She’s still not really cooperating with hygiene but it is being done.

Food and drink seem to be OK and she has a good colour.

For some reason she is still in pads and they tell us it will take a continence expert to make that change … I’d have thought removing the pads from her room and giving her knickers instead would be a quicker way but, what do I know apart from the fact that I already potty trained her once!

So, apart from the not talking which I know really bugs Matt, she seems to be well on the mend. If it turns out the UTI was not the cause of all these problems though we have an issue. Even if we get her back, who is to say it won’t all start again at a moments notice?

I am at a point where I am not stressing about it. I can’t change anything, if I become very broke then that’s what happens.

I’ve noticed that I now have a considerable amount of grey hair coming through, all part for falling apart I guess, we all have to go there at some point. No one seems to believe I’ve not been using colour for years anyway!

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