Zoey Update 8th October

Nothing has really changed.

Ironically, the two things we’re waiting to get resolved are both things which were not an issue when she went into hospital!

Legally she’s on a Section 3, for those who don’t know, this means that until such time as she has improved she is imprisoned for her own good for 6 months and then indefinitely subject to reviews.

It’s not a nice thought but it is the reality. If she gets better then she can be sent home. Right now I just don’t know ‘if’ she will get better. They know she needs speech therapy and continence advice, there is a significant waiting list for both. So, in the meantime, they’re just hoping the situation sorts itself out as they are not really doing anything except babysitting from what I’ve seen.

Social Services have apparently allocated her a new key worker to assess her needs and place together a revised home package, they have so far not managed to contact me with this information though.

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