Zoey Update 11 October (Sunday)

Another good visit with Zoey earlier. Took her iPod into her, had to lend her my skull candy headphones. Also I drove to Milton Keynes and collected an IKEA catalogue for her to look at.

She got even happier when Dennis came online. It’s annoying that it’s near impossible to use Skype video on a phone but, better than nothing.

With the continence we’re having maybe one accident a day now and Zoey is making an effort to get to the toilet but not quite getting there, I think she’s still feeling the after effects of the UTI she had.

She’s still not talking but I think that will change when she leaves. Cleanliness is still a slight issue but she’s getting there.

What worries us is that they are still referring to her being there in months time. We’re thinking more a week or so. The reality is, the issues she went into hospital with are now resolved. We need tweaks on the hygiene and continence but I am still quietly optimistic about those happening soon. But, will they recognise where the mental health issues have stopped and what they are left with is ordinary learning disabilities Zoey? We’ve got this fear that she could spend the rest of her life in an institution because they are not well enough experienced with LD to see that LD is the only issue.

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