The Government & Immigration

For me, immigration is not the issue top of my agenda other than how difficult it has become to genuinely get the person you love into this country. I guess that’s the opposite of what the Tories are about though.

If the people of this country have any issue with immigration at all it has nothing to do with the individuals settling here from other countries or even coming here to work, send money home and then eventually return to their European nation.

No, what people get really angry about is foreign nationals doing what the British did to other countries for years. They come here, they can’t be bothered to use our language, have no interest in our laws and customs, challenge our values and faith and rather than do what their country of origin would do and give them an official slap, we try and change the our country to accommodate them.

Being in the UK is a privilege, no one should have the right to come here and complain about how we do things any more than idiotic Britain’s have the right to go to places like Saudi Arabia, ignore their laws and think they are hard done by when they get punished in accordance with their laws.

This is our concern with immigration, terribly sorry if that doesn’t agree with the current Government policy of blame ’em all for everything … what’s the matter, are there not enough people left claiming benefits to blame now for policy decisions?

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