Zoey 20 October

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I think the visits with Zoey are getting better. I am quite certain her remaining in hospital is a mistake. It’s a mistake which is going to see her degenerate loads if we’re not careful. She’s seeing too many things she shouldn’t see, picking up too many behaviours from other patients that she doesn’t understand.

As far as I can see, there are totally no mental health issues with Zoey at all now and it amazes me that the consultant on the ward has not picked up on this already. Those nurses who deal with her on a regular basis know it already so, why is she still on a section 3?

I am seeing the consultant tomorrow, if he turns up. This will be the third arranged meeting and the man has failed to attend the first two.

I’ve put in an official complaint highlighting my concerns to the Care Quality Commission who oversee such places. I don’t expect them to have acted before Zoey is released. I used the word ‘released’ as opposed to ‘discharged’ because that is the nature of a section 3, someone cannot choose to discharge themselves, they have to be released from a section 3 order.

I’m not seeing Social Services until Friday, that is the earliest I could arrange a meeting. That’s a little crazy seeing as if my plans for her release go through, she’s going to be home next week with not a lot in place for her.

As anyone can see from the picture, drinking isn’t an issue, if I’d taken a picture of her scoffing her McDonald’s breakfast after already having had cornflakes and toast this morning, you’d know that eating isn’t one either. She smells OK so is obviously doing some sort of washing, I suspect she’d do more at home as it’s more private. In case you’ve not seen inside a Berrywood room, and why would you have, these is no privacy at all. Nurses walk in and out of the rooms as they want especially with someone like Zoey who isn’t talking to them. The toilet door is so low it’s easy to see over the top of it, indeed, unavoidable. That cannot be good for Zoey especially as we’ve been trying to teach her about personal space.

Certainly it is fair to say I’ve not been happy about the care she’s had there, simply not good enough for all the reasons you might have read about before. The sooner she comes home the better.

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