Friday update

Today was like I was a basket ball dropped from a very tall damn. Started off briefly on a high then dropped to the bottom, bounced back up again, to the bottom, back up and so on eventually settling into a quiet calm.

Some parts of today have been absolute hell, others, very emotional and uplifting.

I only exchanged a few words with Dennis, he has a bad head and needed his bed, I wish I’d been there to sooth him though, if it was anything like the headaches I get, he’s have politely told me to go elsewhere!

Caroline did an absolutely awesome job with a great massage and reiki but more so with her understanding and friendship.

Robin gave me the left overs of his dinner which I had all on it’s on for my supper and it was gorgeous.

House peaceful though, I don’t much like empty. Watched an episode of Break Bad, not many to go now, 8 I think.

I went to the pharmacy earlier and picked up some sleeping tablets … to help me sleep.

This weekend I am taking a break from dealing with anything stressful, all light hearted stuff from now on .. until Monday which promises to be mega stressed but, that’s Monday!

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