Wouldn’t it be lovely if the world had equality?

We read and talk about equality but, what is it?

The problem with the notion of it is that someone has to be more equal than someone else else we have a very weird idea of law and order. If the thief believes he is equal to his victim so can take their stuff, that doesn’t work! If we all had an equal right then, along with that comes the absolute need to know the difference between right and wrong but, that doesn’t work either. Some believe that being a homosexual is wrong so, ‘they’ deem the homosexual less equal.

Then we have those who believe equality requires compensation for the years of inequality such as those women who want to be equal but demand preferential treatment simply because they are women.

Further we have groups who believe they are more equal because they choose to interpret some ancient religious scripts in a way which tells them they are.

So, we can’t ever have true equality unless we follow one simple rule and just about most religions have it and there are no laws which disallow it … try this at home, at work and in the street.

Treat everyone in a way you should expect to treat your brothers and sisters. Love them and respect them unless they personally give you a reason not to. All of us should by birthright be assumed to be equal with everyone else, only we can choose to pull ourselves out of equality or treat someone unequal by some form of prejudice we’ve been taught.

Unless someone damages you or those you love directly, don’t judge them, thankfully that is the job of our elected politicians.

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