Back Home Again

Sure, I was ill but it was still a lovely visit to see Dennis and the family in the Philippines.

The illness wasn’t in any way pleasant, quite horrible. Even though I seem to be clear of tummy issues I still feel exhausted every day, it’s going to take a while to clear my system I think.

I created a video of my experience … it’s not long because I never intended for the trip to be a sightseeing holiday, it was just a getting to know you sort of thing.

The flight home went without any issues apart from just being too damned long!

3 hours waiting around in Manila then a 4 1/2 hour flight to Beijing. I had nearly 3 hours there before an 11 hour flight to London. I cleared the airport within 30 minutes and then another couple hours to get home. In all it was nearly a whole day to get from A-B. Of course, it’s rather a long way, about 7000 miles in a straight line so it’s never going to be quick. I reckon the quickest it can be done on a direct flight is maybe 20 hours.

I’ve included the picture so you can take a look.

Each day I seem to miss Dennis more which surprised me because I thought it might be full on at first then settling back into how we were before. That’s not my reality, all the time I am thinking about him, where we might go, what we might do, what to watch on TV and what to ear, so much really so I can’t wait until next spring when he is hopefully over here for a month.

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