Four Months Later

It’s been now 4 months since me and Dennis were together in the Philippines. The temptation to blow another few hundred quid for a few more days with him is strong but, I can’t.

I find the stress of not being together overwhelming at time, occasionally we have stupid arguments because, instead of saying I just need a hug I start making stupid comments, nearly always at the wrong time. Of course, that’s not to say Dennis never does anything wrong, he annoys the hell out of me some times! But, I even love that about him and, more often than not, even though sometimes he is actually very wrong, he’s also right from a different perspective!

I believe one of the issues with being single for so long is not being challenged and finding it difficult to accept that your loving partner is not at the same status as others in your life, the partner has the right to be listened to and acknowledged more than others. Not that others deserve to be treated badly more a case that, extra effort should be always made to ensure each others happiness … not so easy to do with 7,000+ miles in between us!

The latest news is that the visa application has been submitted. If the Home Office say yes, Dennis will be here very early in February, if they say no, well …. it’ll cost us another £900 to appeal and, right at the moment I am not entirely sure what on earth else we can offer them to prove the point that we’ve not already supplied! Sometimes they just say no knowing a client will win an appeal but, as the entire system seems to be designed to deter all but the most determined to give up, it’s what they’ll do rather than just approve what should have been a successful application. This is one of the issues with the current propaganda about immigration ruining the UK, it’s genuine people like me and Dennis who pay the price for it whilst those the racists really have issues with are free to come and go as they please (as they are legally entitled to do). Whoever said life was fair eh?

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