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I guess what I am meaning with this quote is that my brain tends to need to be exhausted before I sleep. Often times I go to bed at around 02:30 and fall straight to sleep, no thought process at all, just gone. My mind rarely settles until it stops functioning

This, to me, applies to friends. I have found that a strong friendship can build and then, in a flash there is zero interest in me. I never know if it was me or if it was them but, I invested my valuable time with people and it wasn’t worth my investment.

This is one of the truest quotes I found today

Sadly I do feel this is very true. I acknowledge that I might just not have enough memory of the man but the memory I have is of someone who couldn’t take the time, was only interested in sporting success and anything less wasn’t acceptable and, I am and always was, so much less than acceptable to him.



This is so true. Modesty, humility, love and compassion are all far more important than other achievements













It’s true but, they grow up and move on. We lose our children so many times as they grow. Which parent hasn’t missed their adorable baby, toddler, 5 year old, 10 year old and so on? It’s like our hearts hold more love than we can affix to one person so we spread it over the then and the now

Dreams are our future or, the aspiration of our lives. If we do not dream of something awesome then, we get something less than awesome or, indeed, how would we know awesome if it found us?

I guess we all must have this fear. I can remember it was one of my very first recurring and terrible nightmares. Dreams of losing my mum or my Nan and now … it’s the thought of losing my kids or my grandkids and, of course, my adorable dearest.


I know this was the case with my mum. She was 52, I thought she’d be around for another 30 years or so, plenty to see me through to a ripe old age when I’d be coping well on my own.

On July 9th 1986 I still thought this. She’d been in hospital before, she was just run down was all and no one gave me any reason to believe otherwise. The following day, she was dead. A light went out in my heart and I lose my mum forever in this life.


Certainly true of me. I become quite irrational and emotional, desperate even and my usual ability to show restraint, be calm and thoughtful gets replaced by frustration bought about from fear.



We must all wonder this at times don’t we?

How does any of us know what others are thinking in their minds, feeling in their hearts when so few of us are afraid to say they value us?




This is something I like to try to do but, sometimes it is difficult to be kind when many of the other quotes on this page are in force at the time






Does anyone like to appear weak? But, is it weak to admit this? Surely it is the purest sign of love to fear the loss of someone?



I have a very big issue with being referred to as a ‘loser’. I believe this is another throw back to my father and his insistence that winning was the only reason to play a game, that not playing to win, no matter what that required (including cheating) was to be a loser









Isn’t this just so true? There are so many people I thought were real friends over the years yet most have now gone elsewhere. It is surprising at times the reasons people give to quietly end a friendship. Never the honest one of saying it outright, always the excuses of how suddenly busy they are

I imagine we’ve all heard this quote before but it is still so very true and current. It also gets coupled with wondering if others feel about us how we feel about them and how easily someone we think if close to us, who ‘totally’ get’s us seems to not know us at all.



This one I honestly believe speaks volumes

But I did forget. The moment my mum died I lost all memory of her voice. I think I have her voice on an old recording here but, still I don’t recognise her. I remember my nan and various other more insignificant departed ones but, not mum and that hurts like crazy, like being punished over and over



How many of us with mental health issues recognise this one?



Sadly, so rarely do the people exist who understand the value of such things. The focus for many is on being right, proving they are right and defending their corner at all costs and we are all the less for it.


















Well, it does and anyone who thinks something isn’t important hasn’t yet seen the bigger picture



Sadly this all too often has to be the case, should be the case and often isn’t as over and over again we fail to see that the person we are trying to hold on to doesn’t care whether we do or not, only we care











It is vital we learn from every experience, good or bad. If we don’t, why bother getting up in the morning?

Have you ever experience unrequited love at all? I have and it hurts like crazy. Sometimes it’s the sort of love of attraction on a sexuality level, other times it’s desperately wanting to be close to someone as a friend and realise they are on your ‘A’ list whilst you don’t even qualify for their reserve list

I read this earlier and it put into words what I pray every day someone else will realise about me

Thankfully, I don’t feel this way now, I am just holding on to everything and it’s good but, previously in life, I have been to this place and it’s lonely in there.










It does sometimes feel this way doesn’t it? You know, that moment when we realise that one part of our life is reaching an en-pass and we have to move on. We think (hope) those dear to us will walk the path with us and yet, they only want what we used to be, have no interest in what we need to become

If only this were not true. It’s like we have to leave is a completely new species part of the exclusive club of those who have lost and those who have not, won’t understand.



This is very good advice. I and others I know need to take it



Don’t we all sometimes feel like this? We are most often our own very worst critics







Ouch to this one

















Worth remembering I think

Sadly, this is when emotions are at the highest they can be and when others honestly believe we need to sort our shit out before they bother with us again

Oh dear, this is me all over this is!

Hands up anyone who can think of examples of when I screwed up doing this!

People don’t do they? I mean, when someone asks how your day has been, they demand that the answer is ‘fine’. In reality, so few of us like to hear, “well, actually …. “

I hope no one else ever has to feel this



















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