Where we’ve been vs where we’re going

Let’s get this totally clear … we already know where we have been in life but we certainly don’t know where our life is heading.

The trouble here is, we spend so much time worrying about where we are going we tend to forget where we have been. When we choose to remember we then tend to cloud it with our negativity to where we think we might be going. We focus on the bad things which have happened in our life as though that is somehow the sum of our lives this far … is it really?

We may have an ex we would rather forget but, does that mean we have to forget all the good times we had with them? Perhaps someone died and it hurts so we try not to think about them but … that thinking is what makes our love for them real, what keeps the memories alive.

Some people go as far as to use their bad experiences as an excuse for why their life is going to be bad. Hey, you choose your path now, no one else is in the driving seat. Only if you allow the bad memories to dominate can they dictate your future. So, perhaps everyone so far ‘always’ says “no” so we don’t ask any more. What is that except an excuse which denies your future the right to hear “yes”?

Sure, we are going to get negativity thrown at us throughout our lives, illness, disappointment and bad luck. Learn from it, don’t let it define you. Brush yourself off and remind yourself, you have people who love you, you are worth something!

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