Can anyone see land? It’s so foggy!

I have been really overdoing things the past week or two and each day is just one big fog after another and it’s so frustrating!

Thankfully, what I am managing to do is helping and I can always just pass out in a few weeks so, if I suddenly go really quiet everywhere for a while, you know why!

Tomorrow I don’t have to get up early so have no plans to do so!

Today I have had to take the amount of pain killers I usually take and my normal meds have not helped much at all, a sign of overdoing it obviously.

Dad is in hospital again but I totally do not have the energy to visit just yet. I have not had any diagnosis yet either so he may just be there waiting to be sent home! They have my number if it turns out to be anything more pressing.

Yesterday we went to the cinema, actually, scrub that, it was Tuesday I think, anyway, it was Spider Man and was totally excellent.

Just finished watching Jessica Jones, the final season as best as we know. Luke Cage popped in for a cameo. Excellent series and so sad to see this end along with Daredevil and The Punisher. Luke Cage had lost the plot and Iron Fist never had a plot to lose.

I’ve had a few minor eBay success stories (selling) which made me happy, still other items I need to go though.

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