Invisible wealth

With the onset of Covid-19 I am finding I am building up a fair amount of invisible wealth. It is becoming quite hard to keep track of.

Cancelled trips, vouchers and so on could easily get lost or forgotten if I don’t keep track of them. £1000’s could just ‘expire’ if the pandemic continues and I don’t keep a check on them and it is driving me nuts!

Sure, it’s lovely to have vouchers for 2 direct flights return to the Philippines and two local flights within the Philippines. Great we’ve a first class return crossing of the English Channel Dover to Calais, I believe there is a hotel stop over in France somewhere too but this is becoming an issue now.

£1000’s tied up in travel plans I might never be able to do.

Look, I get it, I am not exactly badly off if this is the peak of my worrying (It actually isn’t. I have some really serious shit going on I have to deal with) so, why am I bothering?

Simply put, do I trust these companies to look after my money? What happens if they go tits up? Actually getting the money back though, that’s tough, the communication dries up when we start asking for our cold hard cash back.

If the travel and health issues go away over the next 6 months or so then it’s not an issue but most these things expire around May/June time and then I’ve got to negotiate extensions or the dreaded refund!

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