I grew up ‘conditioned’ to be heterosexual.

It wasn’t enforced, I didn’t get put into a chair and made to accept heterosexuality on pain of death, that wasn’t how it was, it never is but, today it is still happening to kids in most homes and so few realise it.

Let me get you started on the road to discovery of what not to do with your children.

If your son or daughter of any age is spending time with someone of the same sex or, has them as a contact on their phone … do not presume they are just friends but, keep your thoughts to yourself because it is their business. If they are spending time with someone of the opposite sex or have them as a contact, you may think they’re perhaps, you know, nudge nudge, wink wink, potentially dating but, again, keep your opinions to yourself, it’s not your business.

Do not say:

“When you grow up and have kids of your own”

You don’t know that, it might not be their future to do that for all sort of reasons, sexuality being one of them.

Just think before you speak. You do not have the right to make assumptions about who they will love, what is normal for them. So, let them grow up and embrace their unique life whatever that is.

By all means, do teach about protection whether they are gay or straight, this is important but, not just in the context of, condoms stop babies. Properly explain it, condoms can save life as well as not create them.

I really just need you to think.

It was hell for me, so much pressure to be someone I wasn’t, messed up the first few decades of my life.

I am sorted now but, I was entitled to be me without prejudice regardless of how well intentioned.

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