They make the rules but, they don’t follow them

What do we do?

We know there is a pandemic, that means that every country on this planet lives with Covid, no country is unique, no country has got rid of it.

We do not need a government to tell us these things unless we really are that obsessed with fake news.

However, to keep safe we have to be advised on what keeps us safe and what makes no difference.

Shall we look at those measures and examine them, no fake news just common sense?

  • Face masks? Ask yourself this, pandemic aside, would you feel comfortable going to a dentist if they didn’t wear a mask or, would you be happy if you were wheeled into an operating theatre and none of the nurses or surgeons were wearing a mask? Did you ever see any surgeon anywhere who was not wearing a mask? If they didn’t work against virus and other nasties, why do we expect them to be worn, why is that just ‘normal’? So, it stands to reason, that it is common sense that wearing a mask during a pandemic makes sense.
  • Vaccinations, do they work? A little history, smallpox … we don’t have this horrible illness in the UK now because we have a vaccine against it. Other countries which do not vaccinate against it still has smallpox. Likewise, measles, mumps and rubella, none of those are life threatening in the UK yet, they are in countries which don’t have the vaccines given automatically to the majority of us as children. In short, if enough people have it and there is a critical mass of people who have to have it, they just work. Even if we are suicidal or believe we are so healthy we do not need the vaccine, it protects others amongst us that might actually become seriously ill from a virus or, indeed, prevents death and, we don’t know who those people are, we might think we do but, we really don’t. To make matters worse, the people who might become ill or die don’t know it’s them. How can that be? Because people who think they’re healthy don’t go see a doctor, we have no routine testing for otherwise healthy people. There are mates who might have a heart condition, they don’t know they do but, there it is. These ‘healthy’ people get covid and then, they’re dead, a statistic. Some have lung problems they don’t know they do but perhaps their parents were heavy smokers and they still live at home, don’t smoke themselves but, their lungs are damaged. They’re just 18, crazy healthy, play football at weekends, can stay up all night clubbing but, their lungs are damaged and the first thing covid attacks are the lungs, they die. It’s not just about you nan of the old bloke in Primark. We can all understand the argument there, they’re old so they are going to die soon so, what difference does it make … well, stop thinking about them. It’s your brother, sister, best friends of your teenage children.
  • Vaccine risks, what about that? Every vaccine in some very rare cases has some bad side effects which might in even more rare occasions, lead to death. Your argument here is that you are never going to put yourself at risk of death regardless of the low risk because you are more sensible than that except that … all these things are many more likely of causing death than any vaccination and yet, how many of them apply to you? Smoking, using a car, crossing the road, standing on a ladder, unprotected sex, binge drinking, using cannabis, using any other ‘recreational’ drug … do you need more to find one or two which apply to you? All that which you accept as an OK risk but, you won’t take a vaccine which can save your life or the life of someone you care about.
  • Vaccine passport, that’s just too much control isn’t it? When it comes to things which can kill we are surely used to quite evasive measures to prevent such things before getting into a club are we not? Do they use scanners? Do they look in bags? Do they pat people down to check for weapons? Do they ask for proof of age at all? So, all those things to keep you and me safe, they’re just part of going to such places and we accept that don’t we? Can we go clubbing in Ibiza without having a passport? So, why are you really making an argument about showing a covid vaccine? Are you the sort of person who still refuses to wear a seatbelt in a car because it takes away your life choices? Do you still smoke in the pub despite knowing it’s illegal? If you are doing both those things still then, you are that sort of people who will ignore all common sense to shove it to the man. Hmm.

Because we know now that the Government has not been following the rules they have told us we have to follow, how do we behave now?

The Prince caused an accident, he was a figurehead of the country, part of the system. Was he wearing a seat belt?

If you get angry that a seat belt wasn’t worn do you stop wearing one? Maybe you are ‘that’ person who would do exactly that, I don’t know. I would love to think most people would never now be persuaded to not wear a belt because they know it isn’t just their safety but it’s the safety of all our mates in our car or our kids in their car seats … it’s a happy coincidence that it might also save the life of someone we care about in another car.

So, what is the difference between wearing that seat belt and abiding by all the common sense things we looked at earlier? Most if not all of those now we are doing because, it’s just ‘right’ to do it, I can but hope I have shown you that in what I wrote earlier.

Let’s not allow our decisions to be drawn down into the abys by those who have less standards than we do.

Fake news … to show how easy it is to fall for a compelling argument even though it’s totally untrue, I lied, the prince was wearing a seatbelt. As Boris openly admitted in an interview and, this is 100% honest, now and then someone needs to lie to get people to do the right thing. He was referring to a bus advertising £350million day which he knew was a lie but said it was important to get people to vote leave.

Be you, don’t be daft and become them because they annoy you. Because they were wrong on that doesn’t mean that the science is wrong.

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