Two clear days

Am so looking forward to this! (No, I am not)

It doesn’t seem very exciting but, I had two clear days whereby I didn’t need to rush to the loo.

I’ll be honest, there was that remaining optimist part which said that I didn’t need to worry any longer, my belly was under control. It was lovely just ‘going’ like most other people.

Since June and getting over covid-19 I have had this issue of daily diarrhoea, several times a day. The doctor has ruled out most nasty things but I still have to wait on a colonoscopy to literally look into it better. The theory there is that all really serious conditions will be ruled out leaving IBS as the culprit. Who knew covid could bring that on? It’s shit really!

My stability today has been really poor. Several times I didn’t seem totally in control of my leg movements and was fortunate to have support to avoid accidents.

Yesterday I had to stop driving to rest for a while. It seems that a few minutes is enough to trick my brain. I don’t know how that works, it shouldn’t by rights but it does allow me to continue for a little longer.

Covid booster jab next week, most of the family are having it.

I still have a few months yet to wait on my medical stress test for my heart. I hope that finds nothing sinister. Not that a negative will explain the chest pains but it should rule out something life threatening.

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