Dosette Box

Pill Organizer

I have a lovely one. Each month I sort out all my pills by day and AM/PM and it’s great.

I cannot use it without the clock nearby which tells me the date because, most mornings I don’t have a clue and … if I don’t have a month supply of meds, I run out toward the end and then, at the end of the month I struggle to work out why it is I have ceased up and can’t get around … maybe because I am taking zero pain relief!

My medical condition is flippin’ horrible like that. I forget stuff all the time, get confused so easily and well, forget the day! When having a crash …

(When I have pushed myself too much and it takes days to get any energy at all)

When having that crash I amaze myself if I manage anything at all. Yesterday on a less than 10 minute drive I had to stop and sleep for just over 10 minutes just one minute from home as I realised I was not fit to drive (I know the line very well).

Not me in the picture of course

I cooked a meal earlier, personally I didn’t enjoy it, because my (probably covid) illness over Dec/Jan, it wasn’t nice for me. So much food I used to enjoy I find unpleasant now either because I cannot taste it at all or else, what I can taste isn’t how it used to be and I don’t like it. It’s actually just putting me off food.

This was going to be a positive entry but, just lately I have had to deal with so many arsewipes, I am just sick of the UK and how it doesn’t work and the attitude of too many that they can get away with appalling levels of ‘service’ and it’s all OK. I am not going into detail, it’s too horrible for me to concentrate on to be honest with you.

Positive thought, really looking forward to Feb 1st when Dennis becomes British and then some mad crazy rush to apply for a passport the same day before they hike the price on Thursday!

I know I really need a damn holiday, the sort of holiday whereby I can actually just totally relax, I don’t have to be doing this or that, no commitments, just relaxing. I have no optimism that is going to happen.

A good selection of TV and Movies so, great net connection but, I don’t think I want communication from anyone who can stress me. Just nice stuff, friends, family.

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