The Last Waltz

The Song – The Last Waltz

I was in the shower earlier. A few months ago I decided to create a music compilation. There were a few simple rules with the intention of coming up with songs which might be significant to me throughout my life.

Number one on the list was strictly that, the song which was number one each year of my life.

Number two was any song which throughout the year, remained at number one for four weeks or more.

The logic there is, the chances of my having heard it at a significant time in my life were greatly increased.

Anyway, back to my shower.

This song came on, I’ve heard it so many times and yet I suddenly had a flashback to some time in the 1970’s where I can clearly see Mum & Dad dancing to this. Mum had her posh wig on, a long dress, dad in a suit. That was unusual as I don’t recall any event I was with them when they dressed like that. They looked so happy, so much in love and my feeling this evening was an emotional bombshell. I clearly felt as I felt right then at that time. So happy, so proud, so content.

I often wonder if things like these are false memories, a combination of sounds and pictures jumbled up. As I said, it could be simply because I cannot recall any event when mum wore a long frock other than one of my dads work events and I was never invited to those.

Anyway, I am sure if the memory is muddled that somewhere, sometime, it did happen and that the feelings are real.

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