The Range in Northampton

Consistently this store has made excuses for misleading price labels and maintenance issues.

Were it true that there was a shortage of available staff in the market, why are similar stores nearby having all the same issues?

It just seems to me that they are maximising profit over customer experience.

I used to really love the store, I still do feel the concept is excellent but, they just fall short on execution.

Is it a general lack of company investment, poor management or something else? I don’t know and, as a customer, I don’t much care either. All I want from a store is good products clearly and accurately labelled and enough staff to precent long queues.

It was telling that I went in there this morning, a Saturday morning around 10am and there was no one on the tills, just one person on customer services who I have to presume serves customers buying as well, on a Saturday! No wonder the store wasn’t busy. Now, they might argue that the staffing levels were right for the amount of customers. But, what if customers are staying away because their service isn’t very good?

One guy working there was complaining to a colleague that he was being told to do something and it wasn’t his job. I don’t want to hear that. As is usual, the item I was interest in was wrongly priced. But, I couldn’t ask those staff members as they were having their own private bitch fest about their employer. I spoke to Customer Services on the way out to be fed the standard line (the excuse) they’ve used for months, lack of staff.

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