Why did she do that?

I was up late this evening trying to catch up on a few things when, at around 12:50 Zoey walked past the office into the darkened kitchen. I followed her but she didn’t seem to see me there. After a while she acknowledged me but then started shaking inher limbs and gestered that she couldn’t talk.

I called Matt down for a second opinion and we did all sorts of tests and they all showed that she was physically OK but putting on an act. The ‘act’ part we deduced because she seemed to have quite good control over the shaking with the right incentive. Still, she kept this up for over 30 minutes so we figured calling the GP made sense, to be certain. The GP told me to get her to casualty … actually, call an ambulance was the what was said. I don’t call ambulances unless there is little or no choice and Zoey did not appear to be getting worse so I decided that driving her there myself made more sense. This I did and am pleased to say we were in and out within 30 minutes with a disgnosis that there was nothing physically wrong with her, that she perhaps needed to see a shrink more than an A&E doctor.

I tried to get her to open up when we got home but it was no good, she wouldn’t say anything so I had to leave it. So, as of right now, I have no idea what that was all about, a cry for attention maybe? A walking nightmare? I just don’t know but if I find out, here it will be.

Oh, as for yesterday, Jermaine managed to throw a cup of tea over the TV but no apparent damage done (this time) and he has been violent off and on all day. I mean, can life get any better?

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