Back to school … bliss

If I am very lucky, I shall have at least three of the kids back to school in the morning. I say if I am lucky because I never really know, especially with Jermaine. Even if he goes to school it is a matter of whether he does so without hitting anyone or damaging anything. It is just so stressful in the mornings here.

Today ahs been OK, I have done as little as possible as planned. Matt cooked dinner and I got Zoey to do loads too to show my displeasure at her of last night. I shall never know what that was all about for sure but strongly suspect it has something to do with the program in tele (House) that she had been watching which seems to have a good seizure every episode. She is so suggestible I suspect her mind had just fixated on it and she was gone with the fairies.

Jermaine has managed not to hit anyone or throw anything today though there were some shouts at bedtime so I just shut his door and waited for him to pass out naturally then got him into bed.

Dj wouldn’t go to bed on time so is now destined to go to bed at 8 tomorrow as agreed in the new house rules whereby 10pm is a privilege that will be removed when abused.

Spoke to Pete earlier as I often do, I really enjoy chatting to Pete, I think we probably understand each other. If we never get together it doesn’t matter, something worthwhile is happening and I really am enjoying it.

I am hoping the weather is nice tomorrow as I would quite like to sort the garden out, if it isn’t it can wait another few days, I hardly get out there anyway.

This week is quite clear, just a short visit to Eleanor Lodge on Thursday to check it out but the rest of the week is clear apart from that.

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