The weekend is upon me

I was hoping to get off and do something different this weekend rather than just more of the same. Not that I am complaining about ‘the same’ at all but it is nice for my mind to add new experiences, new interactions. Well, that isn’t going to happen so I shall go see my little chubby friend in MK and possibly Tony later if I get the time.

The past day or so has been quiet which is unusual and most welcome. It amazes me how much things can change from one end of the week to another.

It’s possible I may soon be starting work but I have not arranged anything firm yet and I want to get a few things in place for myself to give me the widest option base possible. Most of these volunteer posts are only a few hours a week so it is quite possible to get them working alongside each other.

Nick got a little pissed off with me the other day. I mistook my rationalising as me telling him what to do. He has suddenly gained £50 a week from me being the money he should really have paid back because it was for a loan which also helped pay for a holiday that he went on and a car he got a lot of use out of and generally speaking, he agreed to and put his name to … after all, just because we may have stopped using what we bought with a loan that doesn’t mean we don’t still owe the money … still, he didn’t see it that way so that now I am left with the full amount and he is wondering what holiday to go on with his gain! OK, no, I am not happy about that at all and it just proves he still has no concept of how finance works and how loans work! Anyway, I suggested that as he is clearly not happy with the restrictions his landlord has placed upon him he could use that money to pay more rent and get a far better place rather than put it all toward Thailand later this year, he already reckoned to be able to save for that before he got the money from me. Damn I am annoyed about that! Anyway, it’s up to him what he does with it. Bloody hell, I am paying over £300 a month for a car I don’t have anymore yet he can walk away and spend the money on a bloody holiday! Talk about having your cake and eating it. Still, tact and logic never were Nicks strong points so I am not shocked by it.

I got my ipod the other day and it has been a right pain converting all the tracks from wma to aac, if only the thing played wma this would not be an issue! That said, if the biggest problem of the moment is transferring files to an ipod, I don’t imagine I have that much to worry about!

Been thinking about getting a new phone and the Sony K700i looks cool and would do what I want a phone to do, I shall have to see what I want to do in a month or so.

I would like to arrange a holiday out o the country for myself and the kids (minus Jermaine) for July/August but it is really late now and I am not sure I will get anywhere I can either afford or would want to go, I guess even if we just manage a week it would be better than nothing.

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