The Weekend and there it was gone

What a weekend I have had, non stop sex from a stream of guys, all drop dead gorgeous and they couldn’t get enough of me!

Now, wouldn’t it make a change if I typed something like that and there was even an element of truth in it?

I spoke to Tony about this the other day, I just don’t really have a lot of sex drive now, to word it with more accuracy, I don’t have a lot of sexual confidence. After a string of awful encounters with guys that just want to ‘cum and go’ I have all but lost interest.

Popped over to see Robin yesterday and David was there also. Spent quite some time trying to repair a Dell Laptop but the thing was just plain beyond repair and there has to be a point where I give up as much as I hate to.

The more I meet David the more I get to like him, well, he is a very likeable man.

In the late afternoon, early evening I went into Tony’s, he had promised to reinvigorate my sex drive, not something I had much hope for. Of course, where I got there, Tom and Gary were in the lounge chatting on their laptops. I like the pair of them but sometimes I wonder if Tony is happy with having lost control of his house. It is one thing to have company when we are lonely but another when they don’t get the hint and sod off when we have guests. This is something I must be very careful about when I eventually get a lodger.

I read Nick’s blog earlier on today, I think he is missing the point about this holiday and the money he stopped paying me. He seems to think I am bitter because I have resentment for him going on holiday when I can’t (I can as it happens) and spending the money on the holiday rather than something sensible. Well, I don’t really care if he goes on holiday or not, that is his choice. What I was doing is giving him some alternate options that he could either take or not dependant on what he thought was best for him. To my way of thinking, using the extra cash as an additional element of income now available for rent seemed logical if he is as unhappy with the regime at his current lodgings as he appears to be and Thailand (tsunami’s permitting) is still going to be there next year so there is no real hurry for that and next year he gets back all the tax he is losing in this current tax year so a real chance to spend some serious money. As far as the £50 a week goes, well, I have already written about that and why I feel so pissed off about it.

Today I went down town with Matt and bought Zoey some new clothes to make her look good and she really does look a lot better than she has before, quite feminine. I did have to have words with the sales assistant in one shop though that wanted to insist that men were not allowed in the changing area. I mentioned to her that my daughter was mentally handicapped and if she wanted to get the near £200 sale, she best let me to stay with her or else I walk there and then. She sensibly apologised and allowed me to stay.

Jermaine has been reluctant to eat today which has made managing his diabetes difficult and this is probably due to a fit he had earlier on today.

Tomorrow I have to get over my fears and take Matt to the dentist where he shall be having some teeth out, rather him than me but even so, actually walking into a dentist fills me with dread, wish me luck!

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