Not appropriate behaviour … but then, what do I know!

I wrote this big long load of bollox Sunday night that I was going to post and then my PC hung and I couldn’t be arsed to write any more so you will just have to guess what I did.

Yesterday I had a meeting with Social Services; you may refer to them as the SS cos I probably will from now on.

It seems really clear to me that their objective is to get me to agree that Jermaine should go full time residential but, I don’t see as that is the best thing for him to be doing. They only want that option as they have been unable to provide what would be best care for him by keeping him at home. With the correct level of support there is no reason why he could not stay here a while longer. They also tried to do the dirty in insisting that Jermaine does a series of overnight stays at Eleanor Lodge which would have to be paid for by us and would be lost from our respite entitlement. I put me foot down and refused to allow that to happen. I agreed, I could see why it would be useful for the respite centre but stated that it would not be any good at all for Jermaine so, as it was for the sole benefit of the respite centre and to follow ‘best practise’ that there was no reason why we should have to lose out, the SS should swallow the cost. Today I found out that they had agreed to that.

Went to the Boston Clipper in Northampton last night, Tony picked me up which was really great because it meant I got to have an evening when I totally relaxed for a change and that is exactly what I did. On the whole I enjoyed myself, talking to Pascal was nice, he is really quite fun. One thing kinda pissed me off just because I thought it was a little insensitive and that was when Nick and Ian started ‘getting close’ whilst sitting opposite. I mean, I know we are not together but it felt a little like when someone dies and the surviving partner is off shagging within a few weeks. There is no reason why not but decency says that traditionally they don’t flaunt it. It just felt like I was having my nose rubbed into it especially knowing that me getting off with someone now is virtually impossible. Oh well, live and learn I guess. I know I would have felt awkward doing that to Nick or Simon and it did happen the once and I was not really expecting Nick to be there so it was just really awkward when I was with Simon.

Still, my life is not destroyed by that little business, it was more a niggle than anything else.

Off to see a show with Robin tomorrow night, should be fun!

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