Shit weekend, deep joy

What an awful weekend Jermaine created and he has carried it on into the week as well.

When he is not acting like a Zombie (for acting I think it is) he is refusing to eat which buggers up his diabetes management. When he is not doing that he is thumping, it really is most unpleasant.

All kids are winding each other up and or being dead lazy. I have had words with them this evening trying to explain with the huge extended period of having Jermaine here so often we are all uptight and we have two choices, either let the tension get to us and fight each other or to close ranks and stand up for our family.

I doubt this will do any good, they really only hear what they want to and ignore the rest. I am quite sure I shall again have to wake Zoey up tomorrow, Matt won’t chase up getting a job so he can repay me what he owes and DJ will carry on the now favourite family pastime of point scoring.

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