Outeverywhere and other stuff

I have tried to get used to www.outeverywhere.com but I just can’t. The thing is now so badly written it is like using the net a decade ago. Any enjoyment I used to get from the place has totally gone. Now I use www.kagoul.com as it is much more user friendly and well, just more friendly in general I guess.

I would like to get moving on booking a holiday to Gran Canaria for next month but unless I can get Jermaine looked after from 24th to 25th I can’t do it which would be a right shame. Sunday and the ex in-laws come over. I have asked them to do it but I fully expect a no answer and, well, I may then be out of options, such is life.

One thing I can do is send off my Tesco vouchers and get myself a holiday out of them. We have chosen 5 days in Disney Resort Paris staying at the Newport Bay Club on the Admiral’s floor where I have been before and no to be excellent. I somehow I have to keep reminding myself that this will be a total freebie!

I have been instructed that tomorrow I am to get as much sleep as I can for some reason. I can’t see that happening as, at the very least, I do need to go out and exchange some insulin over for Jermaine as I was given the wrong type.

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