It’s Busting out all over

No, June I mean, not my waistline!

Amazingly, though it only seems a short while since I was here at this time of year last year, well, on historical terms, it was, but no … I mean, this time last year I was getting all hot and sweaty in Gran Canaria, having fun, getting drunk, starting the beginning of the end of my relationship and all that, it was a year ago.

Now, I am fast approaching 42 which I don’t mind, it’s not old (unless I drop dead at 45 of course) so, well, it’s just another birthday and I do so love birthdays (not)

I have been told that I must get plenty of sleep on Friday, I am scared, I think I should be ‘very’ scared! So, just to cover myself I intend to have a lay in tomorrow, a nice long one, I may not get up until lunch time and the phone will be removed from my room! I need my beauty sleep, not that I have long enough to sleep to do anything at all for my beauty but what the hell, when I am in bed, no one is looking!

So, enough of the rhetorical nonsense, what of the excitement that was June 1st?

Hmmm, one of ‘those’ days when I never quite do what I had planned to do which was, in this case, totally nothing except sleep!

I forgot I had a meeting with someone from social services, someone called Allison who was here to do a financial assessment to see how much I have to pay for the services Jermaine may or may not get in the future. It turns out the whole system is screwed, like that’s a shock!

Now get this, the well off get more discount on the service cost, why? Well, whereas I shall find the cheapest way to provide what Jermaine needs, the well off will go to Harrods to get it. I claim it costs me £20 a year to buy new sheets for him and they claim it costs £90, the same amount of sheets but, and this is the bummer, they get an extra £70 knocked off how much they have to pay for services because their outgoings are more!

I suggested maybe I could just match those sorts of prices as a theoretical experiment but, this is not allowed, we have to strictly stick to the facts, we can’t go making things up just because it suits us. Fair enough I hear you say, but wait!

Jermaine doesn’t get income support yet; I have avoided it as we will be a lot worse off when he does. But, the assessment team says he does because it is easier and it suits their needs!

So, they can make up any shit they like and I have to stick to the facts. This means, I end up maxing out on pay outs for services whilst the better off get it for free or thereabouts. The whole darn system is screwed I tell you!

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