Aint the weather lovely?

I have just had a really enjoyable week with a friend of mine. It was nice to have company on equal terms with no complications, just relaxed.

We went out a couple of times but nowhere to far, had nothing too boring just enjoyed each others’ company.

Sadly, we were stuck in a little more than I would have liked but we managed to entertain ourselves, plenty to do, talk about … even managed to get some use out of the Xbox for a change!

Charlie made a visit the other day too which was enjoyable and unexpected though I suspect I didn’t pay him enough attention, not as much as I should of anyway.

Jermaine has not been very good this week. He has just sat and stared a lot of the time, no life at all really. Today he has taken to removing his trousers and pants and going naked, can’t say that is any fun either and he is also getting in the habit of being doubly incontinent which gives me the sort of clearing up I would also rather not have.

Nothing yet planned for the weekend though I have set Matt up to baby-sit for me. Hopefully I can gatecrash on some friends, I’d really like that.

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