Life is so busy

OK, the shit first, quite literally.

Jermaine has taken to shitting all the over the place. It was my bedroom yesterday, all over the place it was, lovely 🙁

Tonight he comes home from school, he is in a mega hypo, 1.2 which, let me tell you, is dangerously, call the paramedics low. I didn’t call them, I had some glucagon here (1″ long injection) so I gave him that, he was soon up to 17 but has barely been with us since. I shall check him again before I go up to bed.

Earlier I took Charlie out to the woods, he wanted some pictures taken and it would have been rude not to have done so and he seems happy enough with the results. We are talking about the possibility of going to GC together later in the year, we shall see what happens.

I got contacted by someone earlier and I am so excited. He is a guy I last met 7 years ago and I had a huge crush on him yet never ever mentioned anything at the time. Well, I don’t make that sort of mistake anymore and I am meeting him tomorrow, I am nervous as hell!

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