Another busy week flew by …

OK, I have had it with men, they are all bastards! I always wanted to say that but it’s not true!

The guy from 7 years ago is still as cute as hell but I don’t think he has any interest in me perhaps as anything other than a friend, that’s fine, I had a feeling I was on a loser there but we have to hope sometimes!

Jermaine is still shitting all over the place and it’s becoming real tiring, the cats manage to shit in the right place, it’s great to know I have an 18 year old son that cannot manage it. On the plus side, it is helping me get extra support so I have to think positively.

I really must get down to booking this GC holiday; it really is daft of me to keep leaving it like this. That’ll be one of my next tasks I think.

The guy in Aylesbury, I really like him but it feels like he is messing me about and I don’t need that at all, I need guys that say what they want and communicate. It would be a shame to let that one go but I need to know that what goes on between me and another guy is an equal partnership; I have enough to do in my life without doing all the chasing!

Trying to arrange another guy next week in Coventry, he seems really interesting so it would be a shame if that one doesn’t work out and it would be good to have a friend over that way too.

Down to London this evening for Richard’s birthday bash and staying there overnight. Really looking forward to it though have no idea what to wear especially as a lot of my favourite tops don’t live here anymore and I just can’t afford to replace them just now.

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