That was the final weekend of June then

The guy from 7 years ago is still as cute as hell but I don’t think he has any interest in me perhaps as anything other than a friend, that’s fine, I had a feeling I was on a loser there but we have to hope sometimes!

This said, should I be totally wrong on that one, that is not a mistake I cannot live with!

Jermaine has been shitting again and had a seizure that Matt had to deal with earlier, not really fair, I think Matt needs a break.

Still not booked any holidays, I must be totally mad!

I think I have been judging the guy in Aylesbury too harshly. I guess I am not very keen on letting the good ones get away.

Went to London today to meet someone and have some pictures taken. No idea what the pictures are like of course, I have not seen them yet.

Friday was fun, nice to meet lots of people I have not seen for a while and some I have not met at all. Strange situation when I stayed overnight but not going to talk about that here.

Having problems with a close friends and misjudging signals, general feelings and stuff, I am sure it will all be sorted at some point.

Meeting tomorrow to discuss the meeting on Tuesday which will not doubt arrange another meeting, it is kind of endless all of this.

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