Monday and all is not rosey

Martyndeva on Kagoul as well as other places is a complete and utter twat!

The guy is barely out of nappies yet he supposes to tell the rest of us that we don’t understand life, that life is just an illusion, there is no such thing as love, we just create it to make ourselves feel better when we realise we cannot understand someone else, he seems to genuinely believe that he knows the answer to life itself, the man is an idiot of the highest order … and his face is crooked too!

I am still trying to get social services to get an extra day sorted for Jermaine to go into respite, the thought of paying £120 more for a week fewer holidays really doesn’t appeal to me and we do so need a holiday even if we can’t afford one!

Angry with me for not booking our Disney holiday but there is still time for that one. Also feeling guilty leaving Matt in charge so often. Sure, I can justify it on so many different levels but that doesn’t make it right.

It is Zoey’s birthday today. Couldn’t think of anything to get her so took her out for a meal instead which I think she enjoyed though she left most of it.

Jermaine is sleeping again, he needs his blood sugars checked. But then, he is hardly eating anything so maintaining his correct levels is nigh on impossible. I did at least manage to get him to shit in the toilet for a change, which was a relief!

I seem to spend all my time online yet keep missing the guys I want to speak to which is really annoying me.

OK, today is not the best Monday ever but then, not the worst either, we all have to have off days now and then.

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