A Small Victory

I had what is rare for me today, a day where I didn’t really have to go anywhere!

But, just because I didn’t have to, what does that alter? So, a quick trip into Sainsbury’s for a little shopping then home to surf except that on the one day I could spend all day online if I wanted to, the connection didn’t want to cooperate.

I did manage to make contact with a young guy I had been trying to talk to for some time and eventually we met up this afternoon and went for a walk over Billing Aquadrome.

He was just so cute in so many different ways. Sure, he looked great but he had a really good mind too, spoke sensibly with intelligence and was just interesting. I felt really comfortable with him and he wasn’t just out for a shag either. Weird thing is, he says he doesn’t have many friends, what is wrong with these people! We are planning a trip to Birmingham next week which should hopefully be fun.

Managed to speak to social services earlier too … great news, we have secured the one extra day we needed to be able to have a holiday this year! About time we had a small victory on something. Holiday is now booked and we are really looking forward to it.

Nothing planned for tomorrow either but I think I am doing a taxi service on Friday for Matt.

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