Interesting weekend

OK, not that interesting but these title thingies are getting tedious trying to think of new ones.

Well, suffice to say that Matt and I did sort out our differences, we normally do.

I really feel this weather that is all over the place is not helping the mood of anyone and add into that we have not had a break from Jermaine in over a month and it is no great shock we are getting stressed.

Just now I am feeling a little peeved that guys I thought I was getting along with have just stopped contacting me or only contact me when it suits them and then don’t really say much. This idea of mine to make new friends really isn’t getting off the ground.

There are also quite a few guys just chatting to me aimlessly never really saying what it is they are after and I am finding all that a little tiresome. If they want a shag, just say so for heavens sake then I can either say yes or no and none of this messing about not really getting anywhere or saying anything.

All weekend and today too I have had this horrible bug that is making me really tired, my throat hurts and I am generally aching. It will pass as things have a habit of doing.

Robin took me to see a Gilbert & Sullivan thing on Saturday night. As I have never done any form of opera before I was quite keen on going and have to say I really quite enjoyed it. The first bit, ‘The Zoo’ was good anyway. The second segment which was a mix of many of the G&S opera’s was not so good and I suspect there are many of them I would not enjoy, a good thing in a small dose I suspect.

Sunday was not very exciting, the ex in-laws came round in the evening and it was pleasant enough but I am not really sure I can do all this parent concern thing anymore and she was again talking to Matt about how Jermaine needed to go into full time residential care. The more people that say that the more resolute I am that it doesn’t happen!

Today, which is Monday, is just 3 weeks away from going to Gran Canaria and I am really looking forward to it. Matt and I went out earlier to do some clothes shopping, finally have some new t-shirts.

I have been speaking to a few guys on Kagoul and like it very much. One of them called me earlier on the phone and we had a real long chat. I like him very much and nothing about him has disappointed me apart from how far away he lives but then, I guess that just means a perfect chance for travel.

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