First week in GC

This is just a summary of the first week as each day would seem to dull to write individually.

We got in the habit of playing crazy golf and enjoying it each out to improve upon our own best … I was naturally far superior to Matt (that’ll change so I shall indulge for now). Zoey was also improving but had something that doesn’t quite justify the word ‘style’. Daisy was quite good too, in fact, held on to a better average than Matt for some time. All three of them had more holes in one than I did (Grrr).

We enjoyed the delights of Merlin’s restaurant quite often as we did the Miramar in the Yumbo Centre.

We walked in the dark across the dunes in order for me to get rid of my fear of the place after being mugged there last year … probably a dumb thing to do but seemed right at the time. Swam in the pool a lot, played pool a little with a little air hockey too.

Some time toward the start of that week I developed what I couldn’t decide whether it be a growth or a mouth ulcer. I treated as an ulcer and made do though eating was very painful.

The Barbados Apartments are cheap and it shows. To be fair, they were OK for what they were but what they were wasn’t much. Slightly larger than the Tenesor that I had used before but no better equipped. In fact, probably less so. There was no way of sitting more than 2 out on the balcony and, for an apartment designed for 5 I found that just a little stupid. More stupid yet was the fact that the balcony doors couldn’t not be secured in any way. I believed they were for a few days until I accidentally lent on them and they opened. I tested them a few more times and was amazed at just how easy it was to get in. Even Daisy was able to ‘break in’. Also quite annoying was that the safe was downstairs and downstairs at the Barbados mean the basement so if I wanted to get some cash to go to the pool this is what I had to do.

Walk a corridor to one of the glass elevators which were so basic they couldn’t hold a memory. More than one floor was selected and all others were erased at the first stop! So, in this thing and down to the basement dressed in my trunks with a draped towel. I would get some money then have to go up to the first floor in the glass elevator after waiting for 10 seconds after the doors closed before it moved (we counted, it was very consistent). Up to the 1st floor, along the corridor to the stairs then down to the ground floor and out to the pool which actually sat just behind reception!

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