Some little extras …

• Faro 1 still has the giant turn marking where the loos are.
• Roja still make those loos
• Leg room is getting even less on planes and if I notice it must be bad.
• One of the guys at Merlin’s (the Italian one) seriously broke his leg roller skating and is off work just now but hopes to be back for September. He doesn’t look at all himself though, bless him.
• It was lovely to meet Ree and Jules out there a couple of times, they seemed like really good fun so it was annoying I felt too crap to really enjoy their company.
• I am starting to really dislike the Spanish. Not all of them of course, I have not met all of them! Our neighbours on both sides of the apartment seemed incapable of talking to each other in anything less then a bellow. They were worse than the Germans for reserving sun beds. They dominated the pool and just didn’t give a sod if they spoiled the enjoyment of others especially if those others were not Spanish. They smoked regardless of regulations to the contrary. At the airport I was told by a female security operative ( I know of a better and more accurate term) just after I said I didn’t understand what she had just asked me to do in Spanish, that I should learn the language or not bother coming to her country … I wish I had not had the kids with me as I would have liked to followed that up with a visit to her supervisor reminding him or her just who it was that kept them in work.
• Top marks to Pub Nestor for embracing the kids totally. I was dead worried that we would be forced into some horrid straight bar with a crap entertainment or no entertainment but they were brilliant. Not one customer made us feel uncomfortable either except for Matt who was getting a little miffed when it was assumed he was my boyfriend. At one point he asked if he could throw a queenie strop and publicly dump me just to make the point! Of course, if Matt was my boyfriend, what did that make the girls?
• By the last day I was very ill and bringing up blood but thankfully survived both the trip to the airport and the flight home.

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