So glad … today turned out better than I dared hope

I had a lovely day today.

Went over to Tony’s, the whole of Castlethorpe will forever be Tony’s place to me. I was greeted by Danny and Tom soon joined us. I also met Tony and I was dreading that as I so didn’t want to be blubbering knowing how Tony doesn’t really do outbursts of emotion well and, thankfully, I was just so relieved to see him at all that I simply enjoyed his company and had a small giggle with him and it was nice.

Danny cooked a Jambalaya which was gorgeous and I followed that with some ice cream thoroughly enjoying both.

Tony looked amazingly well, even with his illness he still manages to ignore his age and be ‘Tony’, he is truly amazing, such an attractive man. I didn’t check but he probably needs a haircut!

Tom will always be great and another of those that does not have an age. I know how old he is but he doesn’t live by his age, he is a person that can rise above numbers and I have a great deal of respect for him. I know he is going to, if not already, find it tough dealing with the whole situation he is in right now.

Danny is family and I love him dearly. I wish I could do more to help him through this and will try my best to do so, he is a total rock, we are just so similar he and I, hurting like hell inside yet still able to get through, cope in ways that others can’t. I get strength from him and I hope he does from me too.

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