Final day of my break

Didn’t want to go back home today, I came over all shy and stupid about asking Nick (yes, another one but this one was Jermaine’s carer for a few hours) to go out on a date, totally dumb and really unlike me!

As I left, Steve called me. I have not met him as yet but he was as horny as hell and wanted to do phone sex, it killed a few minutes but I was in the car at the time so did nothing for me sadly!

Visited Danny and Dan over at Tony’s place, both are fine. As usual Danny forgot he had invited me over for lunch so I politely mentioned I said I would pop into Robin’s which I did and he did me some lunch over there.

There is news about Tony but I am not going to get my hopes up until I am sure it is good news.

Matt has been a star and talked to Nick whilst I was out and given him my email address and he left his behind and I got all excited and silly and managed to speak to him later on in the day and we arranged a date.

Of course, I have no idea where this is going. We may find we have nothing in common and cannot stand each other but we have to try at least.

Have also been speaking to Pete, a really, really nice guy and he has agreed to visit tomorrow. It is just so nice for a guy to visit here the first time we meet knowing there will be kids here, makes a very pleasant change.

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