Saturday so it must be Pete

Pete visited today

I was nervous, well, a little as it was the first time of meeting but I needn’t have been. He is a lovely guy, certainly doesn’t look what ever age he said that he was which I can’t even remember! There you go see, no concept of ageism here, I can’t have if I have no idea how old someone is and care even less.

Matt was a little too intrusive about the visit I thought but Pete was fine with it.

We had a really long walk through the firs which Pete enjoyed, went to Frankie and Benny’s for dinner and then came back home for a chat and I played my keyboard for Pete and probably for way too long and bored him silly, hope not!

I reckon we shall meet again at some point.

I know someone else called Dan and he seems to fancy me too .. boy how these things all happen at once!

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