I am very tired for some reason

No, I can’t think why, not at all, I am a good boy I am.

Visited Robin earlier and failed to sort out his PC and now his scanner doesn’t seem to work either but I was really too tired to concentrate properly so I gave up and went home.

A lazy afternoon at home and now waiting for my man from last night to show up here … waiting like a silly school boy may be more accurate but waiting all the same!

I have some reservations, things like … am I ready for a relationship? Will he give up smoking because that just so has to happen if we get into a relationship and … OK, I can’t think of any more so I guess that has to be good right?

Am starting to get very booked up which is great but also difficult as I don’t like being vague or saying no to anyone which is what I am being right now. I need to get on top of that one and pin some people down to times and dates!

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