I have known Paul most of my life, since we were both around 5 years of age so that is a long time.

He was always way down there at school in the ‘way to thick to be useful’ category and left with no qualifications at all and has been working in the same pub doing the same job most of his life.

Well, he wanted to stay here again yesterday and though he stayed here before I had not realised the nocturnal problem he posed. Last time we went to bed quite late, me in my bed and him on the z-bed. I must have gone to sleep very quickly and heavily, well, I was ill do I guess that is possible. This time was different. He was pissed for starters, he has panic attacks and doesn’t believe in medication, he’d rather do booze to resolve all problems. Well, we got back and went to bed eventually at around 11pm or so. I was feeling quite tired so was glad to hit the sack. I was actually so tired I decided not to bother with the z-bed this time but share my (single) bed. Oh dear, that was a mistake! He kept me up for hours with his stupid talking and laughing. I couldn’t hear most of it with my hearing aids out but he just went on and on. He is also bisexual so was touching me up a lot (and getting nowhere) but also having fun himself and cumming about three times I seem to recall. Not exactly the kind of social interaction I am used to on an uninvited basis. My patience ran out around 4am when I sent him firmly down to the lounge to do what he needed to do on the sofa and I got some sleep!

We had met Sian, Callum and Nick (eyes go dreamy) at the Boston Clipper earlier yesterday evening and I was too embarrassed by the way Paul behaves to go with them to Molly’s and I really wanted to … OK, I really wanted to spend whatever time I could with Nick. He’s going on holiday next week and I am going to miss him terribly. We keep saying we ‘care’ for each other. My logical mind says we cannot be in love but my heart is telling me that’s bollox so I don’t know what to think just now other than I miss him when he isn’t here.

Paul left at 2:25 and boy what a relief!

Memo to self … if Paul asks to visit again, I am busy

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