Bulk update

Monday, yes, I know today is Thursday but I have just not been in a blogging kind of mood.

Meeting at Hargrave House in Rushden where Jermaine is currently staying to be assessed.

I was hoping that the point of this assessment was to move things along, to more easily and confidently define what could and could not be done with Jermaine and which some sort on intervention should occur regardless of his wishes. Sadly, it doesn’t look like that is the case at all. It appears that this is really more of a ‘get to know you’ session so that health can know more about him before he goes into short term care.

It appears that they have made a bit of a cock up too by not taking down notes for the first couple of weeks so what they have now is undocumented reports from several different people that are not really of much use to anyone.

Social Services, it would seem, would rather just pull out now that they feel health is taking over. Apparently inter-agency working is not yet a reality but they hope at some point in the future it will be, like I can just hang around for a few years waiting!

Generally there was only one positive to come from this meeting. I do now know at least two lots of respite dates of a week each. Not brilliant but better than nothing.

The rest of this week I have not really done much. Some major cleaning here and there but nothing too significant.

Last night Paul called from a phone box and asked me to call him back when he got home which I did some 1:45 later. He sounded pissed in the background and was really abusive to his mother, I was not impressed. On the phone previously he had told me that he was really missing me.

He never did come to the phone last night or call me back and I think this may be a good thing. To be honest, he scares me quite a bit as he is totally not in control of his life and drinks way too much.

This morning he called again and spoke to Daisy. She thought he was just being a twat when he kept insisting to her like she was some sort of idiot that I had to call him back. Needless to say I didn’t and nor do I plan on doing so or answering his calls. What I am going to is send him a letter explaining that he really has to get real and stop with all this fantasy shit about being in love with me and missing me. He can’t possibly be either. I am in no position to so much as entertain the concept and neither do I want to be, I am happy with Nick now and that’s my way forward.

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