Another horrible week over

Spent a nice evening round Nick’s house (Jan’s too). Managed to get the network going, I mean, connection to the broadband on Nick’s PC which I was really chuffed about as I don’t like to think of him not being connected, I know how I would feel!

Jan looked tired by then, the news about her friend Val can’t be helping there, poor Jan. Rich looked knackered too coming to think about it.. good thing they are both having a holiday!

Looked through Nick’s pictures of his US visit and I so want to go, one day I shall and I am really pleased he had a good time, he needed that break too and a chance for him to travel away from me, proof that he doesn’t need me to have a life (which I hope he knows by now anyway!)

Made the decision today to get Jermaine in nappies, it’s the only way we are going to be able to manage here.

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