It changes but gets no better

The carers started on Monday but arrived half an hour late. They got lost but didn’t think to call as they knew they were in the right area! They did stay a little later to make up the time.

Speaking of the carers, they are driving us mad because they take over. They have Jermaine sitting in the lounge and they sit with him dominating the TV and the main family room so that everyone else feels awkward in there. If we hang around the house we are asked loads of questions, they want to be part of everything that happens here and we just can’t do what we normally would do and it is driving us a bit nuts.

Yesterday I popped over to Robin’s for a while, had a look at his PC and no doubt managed to progress it no further in the direction of righteousness but instead it will probably play up again straight away. It is also possible that Zoey could be allergic to dogs. She was fine before we arrived yet on the way home she appeared to have an awful cold which has gone today … shall have to take her again to be certain.

Not having anything booked for the remainder of today I may well go to bed for a while as a treat, there is only so much getting out of the house that I can do that is either affordable or healthy!

Spoke to J Heep earlier and she seem to be taking the attitude that I have claimed way too much already in this request for remedial payments to put right what Jermaine has ruined so no doubt her recommendation will be vastly reduced accordingly.

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