And on into the weekend

Yesterday I went to see a show in the evening with Robin, can’t recall the name but it was terribly funny if not for the reasons the author intended. Partly it was the way the cast kept forgetting their lines but mainly it was because one of the main parts was played by a very camp as tits guy trying to play a gay man who was, alleged at a few points during the play to be gay, it really was so amusing.

Today I did the much promised thing of getting the kids (and myself) ice skating in Milton Keynes, we picked James up too and he went along with us. It was great fun but I have to confess, I am so out of shape, the pain was really stopping me doing what I wanted to do, at times I was just exhausted! On the plus side, James was having trouble keeping up too and he is quite a bit younger than me!

From there it was a dash home again and out to have an Indian Meal with friends and mainly to say farewell to Danny who flies back home next week, it’s really sad to see him going but there really isn’t any choice in the matter.

As if the day was not busy enough I had agreed to go over to Charlie’s place in Bicester for his party. I would have loved to have enjoyed it but, well, I really had tried to cram too much in and only managed to stay an hour before leaving again. The final decision was made by Kevin putting on the Rocky Horror Show and that always does it for me, there just is not room in a house for the two of us.

I have Steve & John visiting tomorrow, will be lovely to see them even though I have totally no idea what we are meant to be doing. I would also like to have visited Martyn to help celebrate his birthday but, well, I think he’s working this weekend anyway or going off to GC, I know that is some time close too!

Sad not to have seen Gary and Tom tonight, I really wanted to give Gary especially a hug this evening because of what he is going through, not nice at all.

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